New children swing in our product range:

Swanny children swing with rope and ring:


New Freezy Cooling Boxes:

Freezy round:

Freezy quadratic:

Freezy rectangular:

Full range of Freezy cooling boxes

We reached a new record!

For the first time in our history we have reached in march 2011 a net turnover of EUR 3 million from our product sellings. This is an increase of 10% compared to the maximum sellings in previous months. We hope, that this sweep will contain longer so we can reach also this year an outstanding result.

Flair branded products are still the high sellers

The product catalogue for Flair branded products is now available:

The full product catalogue is now available on the web, please find below our new products:

New flower pots
Party cup 2, Party plates

Fantasy Children's Chair, Table
Binny-Maxi series
Plastic pallets

New products

New type of plastic pallet                       in our product range

PPR 100 type

1200x1000x135mm+5mm flanges                       sliding inserts are also aviable for this type

Full range of plastic pallets

Europe's 500 top

growth companies

We are glad to announce that our companyin 2010, has been chosen as one of the most dynamically growing companies in EUROPE. This occurred as aresult of an analysis conducted by Dun & Bradstreet of the data ofour business status and number of employees. As an acknowledgment of this achievement, we have been invited to the prize-giving ceremony in theEuropean Parliament in February and our company was included in the Association of Europe’s 500 Top Growth Companies.

We want to thank you for your support so far, which helped us to endouble our revenue as well as almost double the number of our employees.

Company News

K-2010, Düsseldorf

The K-show is now over, but we are still offering over 500 injection moulds for sale. Please follow the link below to see the used moulds. Next time we will meet in Milan.

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